My Thoughts On The State Of The Washington Redskins

Hi everybody! Thought I’d put my two cents in regrading all this Shanahan-RG3-Snyder nonsense…

I hate the media. This is clearly a pathetic, desperate attempt by the media to try to drag down the historic franchise of the Washington Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM. The media hate God’s chosen team, so naturally they are trying to drag them down. They love to watch the Redskins fail. In fact, there is only one man who loves to watch the Redskins fail than the media. That man is none other than Roger Goodell.

How dare Roger Goodell be so biased against one team. How else could you possibly explain those extremely unfair and unjust cap penalties that he put upon the Redskins? Just another example of how he tries to drag down this beloved franchise. And I have had enough of it!

I am proud of this franchise! The Shanahans have done a great job, RG3 is this franchise’s savior and anyone who watches football can see that he is the best QB in the NFL, and Dan Snyder is a wonderful owner. Take Roger Goodell out of the equation, and the Redskins would be well on their way to the playoffs. 

I have had ENOUGH of this corrupt NFL run by Roger Goodell. 

HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Thoughts After Redskins-Eagles Game

O.M.G. What a horribly fixed and rigged game that was! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like Roger Goodell is back to his old tricks, acting on his clear anti-Redskins agenda! He probably paid the refs to do whatever it took to ensure that the Redskins would LOSE!!!!!! And by God did those refs cost us the game! RG3 suffered COUNTLESS late hits, but not one of them was flagged! I bet if that were Nick Foles, the refs would have flagged the Redskins for EVERY LAST ONE OF THOSE LATE HITS! The Eagles offensive line was holding our guys back virtually every single play, YET THEY WERE NOT CALLED. This is confirmed by what one of the refs said to Trent Williams.

I think it’s clear that Shanahan can’t win here in DC. For some reason, Roger Goodell hates him. I think the Redskins need to find a coach who Goodell might actually like.

Oh, and if anyone blames this loss on our franchise savior, RGIII, that just shows how little you know about football!

HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!